Tomorrow’s industry leaders are already using technology to gain and maintain a competitive advantage over their peers — and putting it at the forefront of their business. Now is the time to either join them in embracing digital transformation, or be overtaken by those that do.....

By invitation only these leaders will share directions over an epicurean meal. An opportunity to compare, contrast and debate paths over conversations that just don't happen within the confines of the office or static of an event.



Thursday, April 21st | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Ritz Carlton Toronto

secureCISO Toronto

InfoSec Leaders walk into a collaboration attended by the largest enterprises and brands within Toronto; a day of thought-leading exchange as we examine directions from within the Office of the CISO; all under the umbrella of riveting keynotes, revealing panels, engaging round-tables and unparalleled networking.

"If we do not share our stories and shine a sight on inequalities, things will not change. " - Ellen Pao
Fostering the next generation of Women in Technology; hear their stories of leadership and diversity.
Our past panelists have included...

The #WITpanel

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We know that leading an innovative enterprise can fall under so many areas; if your senior peers lead and strategize on these relevant disciplines, we would love to know. Refer them to this discussion.


Join select local executives and elite strategists for a day of collaboration and engagement. 

What to expect...

A Day of Intimate Collaboration

We’ve gathered leading CISOs and InfoSec strategists from the biggest brands and largest enterprises under one roof for one day - this is true #CISOcollaboration.

Located in the heart of Toronto

Toronto is home to some of the countries top InfoSec leaders so we picked this beautiful city to house our #CISOcollaboration.

Epicurean Lunch & World Cocktails

Today's conversations will be over a Michelin lunch and exquisite cocktails.

By Invitation-Only

By hand picking our invitees we were able to engineer an audience of top Infosec leaders from a diverse range of industries - we've created a true melting pot of insight.

Sr. Manager of Security, Risk & Compliance, CyraCom Language Solutions

Meghan Dobson

Director of Cyber Assurance & Security Architecture, Maricopa County

Seema Sewell

Director; Global Risk and Compliance / Cyber Security Director, HJF 

Glenda Lopez

Gail Ricketts

Information Technology Security Manager, ON Semiconductor

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get to the venue?

FREE Uber passes are on us or take Valet at NO cost.

Is there a FEE?

Being a closed-door event of leaders that were specifically invited there is NO fee to attend.

Are there any speaking opportunities?

If you would like to be considered for seat on one of the panels CLICK HERE to let us know and we'll be in touch. 

Can I refer a colleague?

All referrals must be approved by our event producer. Simply CLICK HERE to submit your referral for approval.

We partner secureCISO events with renowned keynotes that have pushed the limits of their profession to shape the future. Dr. Charlie Miller is "one of the most technically proficient hackers on Earth". He also has the privilege of having been the first to remotely exploit the iPhone when it was released as well as the first Android phone when it was released (on the day it came out).

Keynote By...

Security Researcher

Charlie Miller

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What InfoSec Leaders Say

They love it. Read what the previous attendees had to say!


The event was well organized and very rich in discussion

- Bombardier Transportation


compliment for a great organisation! I got all the necessary and the right information upfront.
a balanced mixture of companies.

- Siemens


The setup is perfect and well thought through. I appreciate the free seeting for one session but 'to be forced' to move somewhere else for the different rounds.
The vendor presentation is easy to access but not forced on you.
The CXO staff is there but not to pushy.I felt very comfortable and at ease. Thank you!

- Hans im Glück




The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

As secureCISO Toronto is by invitation only for a select group of leading strategists who represent the biggest brands, once your registration is approved you will be provided all location and event details. You won't be disappointed as we only select the best venues to make this a memorable experience underlining the thought leading discussions and game changing relationships you'll walk away with.



Here CISOs take stage to discuss the clear and present danger today’s enterprises face; a discussion that goes beyond the textbook and reveals the real paths, strategies, and directions of these leaders that defend against the unknown. #CISOpanel

Predictions Panel

These CISOs are tasked like all in the field with safeguarding the enterprise from today’s known threats, but also predicting unknown future vulnerabilities. Here we give our prediction panel an opportunity to look into their crystal ball and offer insight into next year's threats; whether it’s mobile, cloud, application or social hacking, here we will crown our next #ITpsychic

Thursday, April 21st | 9:00am - 5:00pm 

The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto


What Infosec Leaders Say

Every year at secureCISO we explore directions from within the Office of the CISO; are these leaders detect or mitigate? Through these discussions, we're able to understand their direction and identify industry trends. By pairing our audience with a selection of industry innovators on the edge of product and solution development for the enterprise we're able to incubate true thought-leaders with actionable technology. From leading blue-chips like HP Security, IBM and Blackberry to newly funded start-ups this is where we gather the latest and greatest insight.

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They love it. Read what the previous attendees had to say!

CISO & Senior Director

Tony Ventura

VP & Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Arif Hameed

Deputy CISO and VP Global Security Services

Robert Knoblauch

Senior Director of Security, Wealthsimple

Nick Aleks

Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer, [24]

Satyam Patel

Global Director of Identity and Access Management, RBC

Denny Prvu

Senior Director of Security, Wealthsimple

Nick Aleks

Meet our Panelists

Meet our Keynote & Moderator

Former ABC News correspondent

Scott Shuster

Dunder Mifflin's own David Wallace from the hit NBC TV show
 "The Office"

Andy Buckley