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exploring trends within the Office of the CISO 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

9:30am - 4:30pm

By Invitation Only

secureCISO Charlotte is by invitation only ensuring true peer on peer collaboration between like-minded leaders & strategists.

Why was I selected?

A combination of our guests current enterprise role and past experience allows us to engineer a collaboration that truly does bring to light the vast number of hurdles and tactics faced by the modern enterprise and those innovating the landscape. 

Can I refer my Colleague?

We know that financial and IT management & leadership falls under so many areas; if your senior peers lead and strategize on these disciplines we would love to know. Refer them to the CIOsynergy community by emailing

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Who's at the Table?

Attended by CISOs and IT leaders from Charlotte-based enterprise this meet is a collaboration of the largest organizations and brands from within Charlotte - a community of like minded IT leaders and strategists in a thought leading think-tank of collaboration.

A must attend for those on the frontlines of growth through innovation. 100 IT leaders you need to know.


This is IT Collaboration...

Our biggest asset in Innovation is collaboration; the ability to benchmark efforts, strategies and tactics with like minded peers. We're harnessing a community of enterprise leaders & strategists for thought-leading exchange. 

Direction from the coveted CISOpanel

secureCISO is all about collaboration; the CISOpanel steers that collaboration to focusing on what's really on the plate for IT leaders. A group of CISOs that expose their directions and chosen paths while innovating the landscape their enterprises run on.

This tell-all seat on the CISOpanel gives insight into real directions. More info at 




A Collaboration Gathering Top CISO's & InfoSec Strategists

Conversations that just don't happen within the confines of the Office

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132 E Trade St

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Moderated by Scott Shuster, longtime foreign correspondent of ABC News and editorial director of McGraw-Hill's BusinessWeek Magazine.  

Keynote Charlie Miller is the world's most prominent Apple hacker, an InfoSec strategist now with Uber who made headlines when he hacked and stopped a SmartCar. 


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